From house to municipty connection

Tarjouspyynnön tiedot

21260, Raisio
Rakennuksen tyyppi
75 - 100 m2
Kerrosten lukumäärä
Viemäripisteiden lukumäärä
3 tai alle
Viemäriputkiston asennusvuosi
1960-luvulla tai aiemmin

Tarjouspyynnön kuvaus

I need to renew the sewage connection from house to the municipality. I do not know how long the pipe will be (should not be more than 50-100m can be less). The old pipe is cast iron and I think that sewage socking should be the best thing to do. Feel free to call or email with an offer.
I would also like to renew the heating pipes of the radiators. This can wait for now but if the offer is very good then it can be done immediately.

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